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GCC Outbound Tourism Market Report 2021-24
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The GCC Outbound Tourism Market Report 2021-24 presents an attractive travel segment for destinations, travel agencies and hotels in the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) region which covers the countries Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, and the United Arab Emirates. The Report provides a detailed analysis on the market size and projection, including spend by country and by sector, top destinations and shifts in preferences.

The Report will leverage consumer surveys, targeting travelers from the GCC region, to study the traveler preferences across the customer journey (booking behavior, types of destinations, preferred activities) as well as by traveler segment (source country, age, income, type of travel) and post-COVID-19 travel intentions.

Given that GCC countries are Muslim-majority countries, the Report will also cover Muslim-friendly travel related preferences and guidelines across the value chain. It will also share case studies of tourism destinations, including successful brands, catering to the GCC tourism market.

The Report will provide recommended action plans for addressing the GCC tourism market for each of the key players in the value chain.

Get a complimentary 1-hour analyst walk-through and Q&A after purchase.

Key questions addressed

• What is the GCC outbound tourism market size and projection by country and by sector?
• What are the top tourism destinations in the GCC?
• What are the travel preferences across the customer journey and segments in the GCC?
• What are the Muslim-friendly travel related preferences?
• How can the key stakeholders in the tourism value chain address the GCC tourism market needs?

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    1 GCC Outbound Tourism Market Size and Projection

    2 GCC Top Travel Destinations 

    2.1 GCC Top Travel Destinations in 2019

     2.2 Shifts in Consumer Preferences  

    3 GCC Traveler Preferences 

    3.1 GCC Traveler Preferences Across the Customer Journey 

    3.2 GCC Traveler Preferences by Segments 

    3.3 GCC Post-COVID-19 Travel Preferences

    4 GCC Cultural and Religious Influences and Guidelines

    4.1 GCC Cultural Influences on Travel 

    4.2 GCC Muslim-Friendly Travel Preferences 

    4.3 GCC Muslim-Friendly Travel Guidelines Across the Value Chain

    5 GCC Tourism Opportunities & Challenges 

    6 GCC Tourism Destinations Case Studies 

    7 GCC Tourism Recommendation and Action Plan 

    8 Report Purpose and Methodology

    9 Acknowledgment

    10 Appendix